Saturday, October 15, 2011

Techniques used by the RNM Operators (Updated Constantly)

Watch your thoughts and or the way you react to things. Let me give you an example of a very simple yet powerful technique they like to use in order to screw your mind into submission. Let's say for instance you're driving down the road and suddenly another driver cuts you off, now let's assume you're a very polite person and you slip out a negative comment (F*cking Asshole) towards the driver who just cut you off and later on you're reflecting on what you said to the driver. The Remote Neural Monitoring operators know next time you say something rude to someone you'll probably feel bad about it later on because their computers analyzed the way you reacted to this event previously (The computers they have are very accurate at interpreting every action and reaction. ***Remember that they will NOT tell you how accurate their machines are in order to trick you into believing false ideas***) so they'll make negative comments towards you the second you say something rude and this way they'll manage to bypass your psychological defenses by making you feel like crap. Then they'll proceed to start their subtle programming techniques and eventually you'll find yourself slipping rude comments towards people more and more often; this way they can keep you on a constant state of submission and they can program your mind and control your actions. Stay alert

Side Note: Once you start noticing the way you react to things and you pay less attention to the things they say in order to break your mind into submission, they will change tactics (This can be done in many different ways) They'll change the comments to something simple as, "see that?" everytime you say something rude (example above) to make it seem as if they're analyzing your behavior and keep you wondering why, this is done because anytime you are confused they can also program your brain into thinking negatively so you do it more often and in some cases this can break your mind into submission when combined with other tactics.

Do you like listening to music as a distraction from the verbal harrasment? They often like to mask subliminal messages while you listen to your music, especially if you're wearing headphones so "remember to remember" in what emotional state you were before and after you listened to music. If your mood has changed dramatically for the worse then chances are your subconcious was being attacked by the perpetrators. Remember that your subconcious can only be affected if you're not aware of the subliminal messages being transmitted, if you're alert you'll be more protected.

The Perpetrators like to send "Trolls" to harrass you over the internet (sometimes) or to befriend you, so use caution when posting information to help other victims and don't get into internet arguments with other users as they could be trying to discredit you so that your information goes to waste.

They use a technique i call, "Mental Tug o War" it's a lot like the good cop bad cop technique you see in movies. They have one RNM operator say negative things about you while another RNM operator contradicts him/her. They do this to de-stabilize your brain.

Beware of compliments, anytime an RNM operator gives you a compliment take it with a grain of salt and 50 drops of lemon. They use compliments to build you up so that later they can insult you, usually using the opposite of the compliments (ie. He's so smart... He's F*cking dumb) It goes back to the principle that if you believe when people tell you how much you rock then you'll feel like crap when they tell you how much you suck. Remember they need to destroy your self-esteem completely which is why you must remain neutral no matter what they say, whether it's positive or negative.

Whenever you build an inmune system to their verbal attacks they will start changing their tone of voice and dialogue in order to seem more genuine, so you need to constantly adjust to the changes as they come.

Their computers are very advanced and i believe they have the ability to download every bit of data your brain has stored throughout your life. They'll often pretend like they believe false things about you and that they're wondering if they're right, but do not be tricked into believing any of this. Chances are they already know your Entire life and their computers have virtually a cloned image of you (In other words, they know everything about you including the way you process thoughts and react to situations)

***Always remember that everything they do is nothing but an illusion and all they're doing is trying to turn your own mind against itself . Their main goal is self destruction of the target.***

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