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For RNM Ops' Eyes

“YOU heard that it was said, ‘You must love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ However, I (Jesus Christ) say to YOU: Continue to love YOUR enemies and to pray for those persecuting YOU; that YOU may prove yourselves sons of YOUR Father who is in the heavens, since he makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous. — Matthew 5:43-45

Remember that if God The Almighty is for you, who is against you?

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Solutions for FBI SID PsyWar Workers
As a long-term FBI SID victim of more than 25 years of illegal FBI SID persecution, including almost 5 1/2 years of overt political persecution (as of Jan. 2011), I've been forced to get to know FBI SID workers, their work, and their unusual lifestyles all too well. Amazingly, I'm actually going to take the time to offer you guys some personal advice and help, despite being on the opposite sides of a critical political human rights conflict in America. So here's my advice to you guys. It might not be what you want to hear, but I think its what you need to hear.

"The love of money is the root all of all evil." --
Timothy 6:10. A phrase I probably heard from an FBI SID psywar worker many years ago. (If I recall correctly he amended it to say "Our love of money is the root of all evil.")

You were probably lured to work for the FBI SID with the promise of easy money, and lots of it. I've been told that FBI SID national office workers don't just get paid for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. No, I'm told they can get paid for up to 16-24 hours a day, up to 7 days a week. An FBI SID worker earning $25 an hour can get paid more than $100,000 a year working around the clock at the office.

However, working long hours at a very draining job can burn out any FBI SID worker in search of a huge income. "Truth is, you're stuck screwing up someone's life for the rest of your life, and it's very draining work." - alias B2, who has zapped Ed for more than 17 years.

Burned out FBI SID workers with around the clock paid work schedules end up searching for something to sustain them at their sleep deprived emotionally draining job. They usually find plentiful methamphetamine speed for sale to fuel their brain for psywar work. (They can probably also find nonprescription prozac and expensive cocaine for sale too.) The FBI SID even allegedly produces its own methamphetamine speed. It was allegedly produced in a North College Park speed lab back in 1986 and it is allegedly produced in the same area in 2009 and probably in 2011.).

FBI SID work can get very weird and sometimes ridiculously weird. Job demands at the FBI SID, from sleep deprivation to hi-tech mind-control work to mostly subliminal mind pollution/desensitization/brainwashing work to computer hacking to gangstalking to electronic torture to techno-voodoo to even attempted techno-demonic possession while wasted on methamphetamine speed can get very weird. Staying awake on speed with very little sleep around the clock can get weird. Too many workers on one electronic warfare hit can get weird. Intense 'kill routine" electronic warfare hits can get weird. MKULTRA brainwashing work can get weird. Using FBI SID psywar attack words to label a victim nuts or dead can get weird. Producing weird recordings of electronic psywar hits at the FBI SID can get weird. Having bosses nicknamed "Hitler" or Hitler 1, Hitler 2, and Hitler 3 can also be weird. Switching roles from corrupt mind control workers to slow kill electronic warfare hit disablers to electronic psychological torturers to fake buddies to recruiters to fake pimps to usually rare toot sweeters to methamphetamine speed drug addicts to fake normal government "investigators" can be weird. Switching between persecuting, disabling, stress zapping and torturing, and/or death-threating a TI and electronically trying to befriend or seduce or recruit a TI can get weird. Saturday night partying at the FBI SID can get very weird. Usually rare "toot sweet" drugs and maybe sex recreational timeouts favored by some FBI SID workers can get weird. Alleged blow job sex for drugs trades can get weird. Methamphetamine drug use can get weird. Getting more drugs delivered to you than you can afford without being required to pay for them upfront can lead to weird financial debt issues. Sex on and off the job can get weird. FBI SID sexual harassment of TIs is sometimes included in routine FBI SID psywar abuse. FBI SID sexual harassment of women, particularly on the subliminal channel, sounds obnoxiously weird. FBI SID men pressuring FBI women for sex is weird. Some FBI SID women allegedly trading sexual favors for favoritism in promotions, work assignments, and/or easy work shifts can get weird. Zapping and harassing a TI was has to jack off in the privacy of his own bedroom sometime can get weird. Fantasy sex offers (phone sex style) or real sex offers (free hooker style) can get weird. FBI SID women offering blow jobs electronically or in person to a TI can get weird. And the repeated FBI SID use of the word "rape" in psywar can get weird. And allegations of actual rape at the FBI SID building (usually made against self-described sex perv Jay Pendelton, an FBI SID agent) can also get weird. Drug confiscations at the FBI SID building can get weird. Alleged emails claiming Jay is fired can get weird. Disagreements and disputes between FBI SID workers can get weird.

The bottom line is, work at the FBI SID can get extremely weird. So weird, as a matter of fact, that I want you to seriously consider the possibility that the FBI SID has evolved into beliefs and behaviors so unique and even socially deviant that it has become a cult or it at least has become so unique in its work, workplace, drug addictions, and worldview that it could be viewed as a cult.

Here's the problem: FBI SID job demands have probably so contorted your life that you have probably switched into an FBI SID group think mentality, work habits, and lifestyle that is damaging or even destroying your health, your savings, your personal life, your future, and your life. Here are some of the main problems:
1. Many FBI SID national office workers have no private life and no free time for themselves.
2. If you have an illegal methamphetamine speed drug habit, it is probably destroying your health and decimating your savings, while giving you the extremely expensive illusion that you're feeling good. Your illegal drug habit is very expensive and it is very difficult to completely kick methamphetamine drug addiction without relapsing.
3. You are probably engaged in illegal hi-tech electronic harassment work. You might get named, shamed, sued or busted some day.
4. You are probably stuck hating and persecuting victims for a living. You are probably stuck electronically harassing, disabling, and abusing one or more victims every day. Your victim or victims, in turn, deeply resent being victims, and reflect your anger, harassment, and curses back at you.
5. If you think of whistleblowing or quitting, suddenly you become afraid of your own organization, and what it might do to you if you were to suddenly repent and turn good.
6. Conversely, if you keep trying to do your job at work, you run the risk of being afraid of damnation and hell at judgment day. Victims probably warn you that you've signed up for a Faustian bargain at the FBI SID.

I think there are 6 key problems for FBI SID workers to deal with.
1. Are you suffering needlessly? In other words, are you working around the clock and blowing all your money on drugs? If you're not saving a pile of loot while working at an evil job that is also stressful and draining, what's the point?
2. Are you stuck in a FBI SID cult mentality that is serving the FBI SID but hurting yourself? If you are, this book,

Combatting Cult Mind Control, described as "the #1 best-selling guide to protection, rescue, and recovery from destruction cults", by Steven Hassan, might help you free yourself from FBI SID mind control. FYI, here are some of the
common psychological problems of victims of cult mind control, according to Steven Hassan.

(You can click here to buy it.)

3. Speed addiction. See If you're addicted to speed, and are considering cutting back or quitting your speed habit, this book might help.

(You can click here to buy it.)

However, it is very difficult to quit taking methamphetamine speed, and probably almost impossible to forever quit taking methamphetamine speed if you are working 94 hours or more/week at the FBI SID.

4. Life purpose and choosing good instead of evil. While you might have once voluntarily joined the FBI SID because you thought you could get rich quick, you've probably instead found yourself stuck at an evil stressful health-draining job. If you've become addicted to methamphetamine speed, it is probably consuming your economic surplus and potential savings or loot.
Also, FBI SID work is illegal, mean, and abusive. In short, it is evil.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life at an evil abusive job that hurts you, your victim, and society? I doubt it. Would you rather shift to a good life doing good productive work that serves a useful purpose for society? Probably. Figuring out what you really want to do and then leaving the FBI SID to begin a new life elsewhere is probably your best long-term goal.

5. If you want to leave the FBI SID, work on an escape plan. If you need to quit your expensive methamphetamine speed habit at the same time, be sure to factor this in. Its really important to plan your escape realistically. Make sure you have enough money. Be realistic about how difficult and draining it is to quit methamphetamine speed. It is possible to escape both speed addiction and the FBI SID, but extremely difficult. Consider retirement as an option. Disability retirement might even be an option. (While disability retirement is probably frowned on at the FBI SID, it is a very easy option for a Montgomery County, Maryland policeman, for example.) You might also look into possible support from your parents or family. They might give or might consider giving you a free place to stay if you're getting clean from drugs, going straight, and starting over.
If you live and work in Arlington, VA, near the alleged FBI SID Ballston metro building, you might literately want to escape from that area, where there is a very strong FBI SID presence.

6. If you're not ready to leave the FBI SID yet, consider working on a coping plan. Can you skip taking extra speed pills to save up money? Can you cut back your hours? Can you get your coworkers to act saner and less abusive? Can you get more sleep? Can you get your personal act together and save up some money while you plan your next move? Can you make your job less abusive and draining? Can you think more long term and less short term?

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