Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breaking Free from their Evil Programming

Once you are breaking free from their programming (and this will happen inevitably if you remain strong) you will feel a strong need to show them they don't have any control over you, however, do not break your moral codes in order to prove a point, because in doing so you will destroy yourself, and they will win this fight unintentionally. You must stick to what you believe in and never do anything you would have never done if you wouldn't have been monitored and constantly harrased. Do not change who you are no matter what they do or say for that is one of their main goals. These terrorists will use any bit of data your brain gives them in order to torture you, for instance, Let's say the remote neural monitoring operators are claiming that you're a "sick fuck" and let's say your mind works on that given topic and so it creates scenarios and images of something sick, they will instantly use that as "proof" and will say, "see?! he's a "sick fuck" it's like an evil seed which they plant in your brain and they let it sit there hoping that your brain will make it grow into a carnivorous mind eating plant that will destroy you. It's a basic human instinct to prove your innocence and so you will try your best to prove to them that they are wrong but do not be tempted to do that as they will only use your attempts as more "proof" that whatever they're claiming is true. It's a very childish game but it works wonders on a mind that isn't used to this type of attack. Common sense does not matter to them so don't try to reason and just disregard anything your mind does. Always remember that your mind works different now that it's being tortured and do not let them use whatever programming they've instilled on your brain against you, otherwise your mind will downspiral into submission.

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