Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introduction to Gangstalking

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Organized stalking is a method of covert harassment perpetrated by alarge group(s) of people against a sole individual. The lengthy process begins when the group selects a "target".
Once the selection is made an expert campaign of character assassination begins with the intention of irreeparably destroying the individual's reputation, career, family, and community standing.
Simultaneously, he or she is placed under surveillance and his photo image is distributed.
Isolating the target renders him or her defenseless and income-less.
Then groups of paid and unpaid stalkers begin a 24/7 harassment operation.
The paid stalkers are full and part time professionals. They infiltrate every aspect of the target's life.
The unpaid stalkers are usually neighbors and even family members who have been recruited via a successful smear campaign.
They naively think they ar
e doing a good deed. (A woman in her early 50's confided to her target while stalking him in a store that she was a Christian).
Harassment techniques are infinite. A common one is to sensitize the target to ordinary discordant sounds like coughning and car alarms and then harass him with those sounds continuosly and indefinitely.

The targets are ordinary people who for the most part don't know why they were selected. Once the target has been selected the group will commit significant resources to destroying the target. The harassment can go on for decades.

They're not foreign terrorists or anti-government extremists. The network consists of your next door neighbor, the mail carrier, the cable guy, the store clerk, the cop(s), the attorney, the judge, the priest, the dentist, the chiropract
or, many psychologists, etc; etc; people that you would never ever suspect of harboring criminal intent. They are so well integrated and influential in the community that my best guess is that they are a perverted form of acommunity watch group policing with subterfuge and poisonous hate.
They are slowly and surreptitiously destroying the moral, social, economic, and political fabric of this state and reconfiguring it in accordance with their criminal behavior. Whoever the organizers are, they are well financed, highly sophisticated, unscrupulous, deceptive, relentless,and merciless; -- they have cult and pack like attributes. They are also tech savy and capable of invading every inch of your privacy and destroying every minute of your day.
Their specialty however is to inflict emotional harm by using subtle yet effective psychologic torture techniques with sadistic accuracy.
Their intention is to murder their target without getting their hands dirty. It's the perfect hate crime.

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