Monday, November 3, 2014

Follow Jesus Christ and You will be cured!

Hello friends, my journey as an Rnm and gangstalking victim has come to an end. 
For me to get here it took a couple of months after a long time of psychological suffering, all you must really do is Submit your life To Jesus Christ and rely on Him. (There is a lot of struggle at first, due to the fact that this Gangstalking situation we've faced or are facing is nothing more than a major demonic attack on human souls. The gangstalkers are victims in this as well, as they are constantly being used by demons due to their constant sinning) 
Keep all of His Commandments and you will be 100% safe from all of this :D Please persevere in Him, He never gives up on us, let's not give up on Him! 
I will now post God's Commandments, along with some notes next to each of them :D These Commandments have set me free and i am now a new man in Jesus Christ, 100% absolutely worry free from this demon ruled system of gangstalkers.

  1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (Other "gods" can include possessions, power or prominence. Love God with everything you have! this is extremely important, always thank Him daily no matter what is happening in your life, remember that there is always someone in the world who has it much worse. If you Love God with everything you have He WILL break you free from all of this suffering, i guarantee it, but you must be consistent, stay faithful 100% of the way ALL the time)
  2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. (No idols, also break free from any occult imagery you might have, my targetting was really bad back when i had pictures of skulls in my bedroom along with other occult imagery which at the time i thought was cool, but instead was nothing more than a demon friendly environment)
  3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. (This is very important, keep 100% Respect to God at all times, and also pray to Him every single day and night, ask Him to help you with this. I actually did not ask Him for help during the worst stages of my attacks, and i was in agonizing psychological pain. It was only until i started to keep all of the Commandments diligently that i started getting LOTS of relief)
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (This one was crucial for me, after 2 years of tremendous psychological pain and trauma, i received my first bit of relief The first time i EVER kept the Sabbath Day, which is Saturday, from Friday Sundown to Saturday Sundown *Jewish Sabbath* I highly recommend this, the amount of relief you receive is tremendous)
  5. Honour thy father and thy mother. (Always respect and listen to your parents, be obedient, as long as they're not recommending you break God's Commandments in any way, as God always comes first before everything and everyone else, see 1st Commandment)
  6. Thou shalt not kill. (This is important, never ever ever kill. This is how they get some targets, like the guy who shot all those people at the batman premiere, never ever ever even think of killing. Also don't get angry, our Lord Jesus Christ says getting angry for no reason against your neighbor is a way of breaking this Commandment as well)
  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery. (No sex with anyone other than your spouse. This also includes lust, Jesus Christ Says that anyone who looks at a woman to desire her has already committed adultery in their heart. Remove any pornography out of your life and quit masturbating, this also has some very potent positive effects in your psychology)
  8. Thou shalt not steal. (Never steal from anyone, this also is against human laws and would land you in jail)
  9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. (This also includes lying, never lie under any circumstance, always speak the truth 100% of the time, at all times)
  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s. (Never desire anything that does not belong to you. I have also found it helpful to lose all desire towards earthly things, this includes, houses, cars, any material possesion other than what i need)
New Commandment given by our Lord Jesus Christ

11. Love one another as Jesus Christ Has Loved Us (Love your neighbor, do not ever attack any gangstalker, or anything of the sort, or even think about doing so as this is something they strive for, to incite some sort of anger. Do not become victim of anger, instead fill yourself with Love. Also Remember that after our Lord Jesus Christ Left earth, He Sent The Holy Spirit to us, making our human bodies The Holy Temple Of God, this means we must take care of our bodies; stay free from alcohol, smoking, drugs, anything that is harmful)

Keeping these Commandments will keep you free from sin's captivity, this means you will break free from anything that is being used by the perpetrators to hurt you. When this started happening to me i was really hurt at the fact that i had lost everything i worked for (Material possessions and also my ex-fiance) I no longer place any value on these things and i'm no longer a slave to desiring a human relationship as these aren't anywhere near as satisfying as having a Close Relationship With
Jesus Christ. The Love He Shows us is amazing :D

Another reason why These Commandments are extremely important is because every time one of these commandments is broken, demons influence the person breaking them, causing more trouble in their life. I have now become aware of this phenomenom through observation, although the Real Reason is because i have asked to receive The Holy Spirit Of God, and my eyes are being opened to a lot of things i was not aware of

Make sure you Ask God with 100% Faith and everything you ask for will be given to you. This includes freedom from the suffering you are being put through. Jesus Christ WILL free you if you Ask Him to. *You must believe that what you ask for is done, this is faith*

Remember that God is Eternal and nothing is impossible with Him. 
We are just humans and our time on earth is extremely short, we're really nothing more than dust, but with The Son Of God, Jesus Christ we have Eternal Life, and we are also free from sin's captivity.


-Pray to The Lord Jesus Christ, first and foremost!

-Keep ALL of The Commandments Of God

-Be aware that they could also be affecting family members thought and behavioral patterns so it looks like they're "in on it" (Through God's Wisdom i learned that these types of synchronizations are demonic influences)

-Do NOT ever under any circumstance "Talk" to the voices, or try to communicate with them in any way. If you have been doing so, it is extremely crucial you stop as soon as possible.

-Stay away from wearing black clothes, these have very negative effects, get rid of any piece of clothing which is red and black combined. This combination is bad. Also get rid of occult imagery or symbology, break free from these items 100% this is crucial, trust me. This was initially kind of a hard step for me as my entire bedroom was decorated with occult images and i thought they were cool. You will notice a LOT of relief after getting rid of those things

-If you're suffering from depression due to these attacks, i recommend taking Cold showers with blasting cold water (If you don't suffer from heart conditions) as these will greatly benefit you and they also cure depression naturally as long as you stick to them

-Stop desiring material things and be content with the things you have. Also don't look for any way out of the pain other than God. No girlfriends or boyfriends will make the situation better than God DOES. This is crucial as human relationships are usually tampered with during these attacks. 

-As a crucial rule, make sure the new people you meet and you want close to you keep The Commandments. Gangstalkers DO NOT keep The Commandments. 

-Remember Jesus Christ's Teachings, Here's one of them:
You Know The Tree BY Its fruit. No GOOD TREE gives Bad Fruit and No BAD TREE gives good fruit. 
So if you notice any bad fruit (Gangstalking, street theatre, and other things that are 100% acts of hatred and deceit) you know the whole tree is bad. Make sure you stay away and do not become affected by the bad trees. 

-Gangstalkers are all demon influenced, not one of them is free from this due to their actions. They're practically doing the devil's work so do not play into their games, instead Call Jesus Christ's Name and put everything in His Hands

The following are The Most Important Blogs I've ever made :)

Biblical evidence for things you've read in The Bible, like The Tower of Babel, Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.

and The Most important :D

Biblical Treasures beautifully illustrated which can guide you towards our Lord Jesus Christ. This information may change your life :)

May The Lord Jesus Christ Bless you friends :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have defeated it! You can too!

Hello friends, i'm about to share with you an extremely important tip, i can almost assure you that if you follow this tip 100% the attacks WILL stop. First of all, i have to tell you that i have been a follower of Jesus Christ most of my life, and above all else, if you are a Christian, you MUST stay attached to Christ 100% without Him we are easy pray, and i talk from experience.

I have come to understand the purpose of Voice to skull attacks fairly well and ever since i applied this tip, they have had no choice but to lessen these attacks, now i practically only hear their voices whenever i want to (I will go into detail on this) The trick is simple. *Stay 100% positive at ALL times* What this means is not only to think positively, but to NOT allow any negative emotions or feelings in your body. If you hear a voice, what you must do is stop for a second and not allow these voices to create any feelings or emotions in you (Do not get angry, upset, sad, etc) The reason this is important is because i have come to the conclusion that the ONLY reason this is happening to us is simply because something is feeding off our negative energy or negative feelings. I came to this conclusion after pondering on some of the victims who claim they have been getting this treatment for over 10 years, sometimes 20+ years. Why do you think this is? to the day, i have been aware of this situation for the past 3 to 4 years and i have no doubt in my mind that it would have continued for much longer if i wouldn't have applied this simple trick. I used to talk back to the voices and about 80% of the time after talking back, i would start to feel negative, sad, upset, etc. I noticed that whenever this happened the attacks would intensify, however, i had no way of stopping these attacks so i kept feeling these feelings. One day recently, i realized that something must have been feeding off of me (my mind, emotions, feelings... all negative) It's not that i'm a negative person, it's that i had been conditioned to become a negative person through all the suffering i went through. This realization felt like it didn't come from me as i had not been truly aware of this before, i always thought this was simply MK Ultra doing its thing. During the first year, i thought they had mistaken me for a criminal and were just simply investigating me, but an investigation on an average Joe with no criminal background wouldn't have taken more than a month, specially with today's technology, so that was out of the question. MK ULTRA couldn't have been the case either, as these types of brainwashing are over in less than a year (Usually) Definitely not 10+ years. So what is it that keeps these entities talking to our brains? This question is vital. If you are constantly upset, sad, angry, scared or in any type of negative vibe *I believe* they might never stop, the reason why is because they need these vibes. Once i made it a personal goal, and i mean i started checking my emotions and feelings every single time i heard a voice in my head to keep myself positive, they have had no choice but to leave. I am no longer being tormented, finally. I know this isn't easy, but regardless of what is going through your head or what you think this is, i ask you to make it a personal objective to be 100% positive ALWAYS, NO EXCUSES OR EXCEPTIONS, no bad emotions or feelings, and if you have any bad thoughts, DO NOT let them control your emotions as you know that we are also conditioned to have bad thoughts through the simple art of repetition. It isn't the thoughts that are important but how they make us feel, if we feel bad in any shape form or way, we lose. The only way to win is to stop feeding these entities your energy, they only need the bad vibes (fear, anger, sadness, etc) I believe we are dealing with humans, but i also believe there is more involved that we don't know about. Also have you asked yourself about gangstalking? What is its purpose? isn't it to keep you in a negative state of mind? Have you ever noticed this gangstalking activity take place and suddenly you felt happy? The answer is no, chances are you felt something negative, right? and the more you do the more you notice this gangstalking, right? the only way to stopping it fully is to become 100% positive and i can't stress it enough friends. You must become 100% positive. I am pretty sure i have come to this conclusion from the Holy Spirit of God. It was very random, and ever since i started my never ending positive marathon, they don't talk to me, and when they do is simply because i emulate a thought that used to work before in my mind. (meaning i would think something that used to generate a response from me, negative. And the second they talk to me, i ignore them and think of peace) They talk in these instances because they believe they could get me in a negative state through a simple thought once again. The more i tried it, the less they talked because they realized i was simply playing with them, though they still try to get a hold of my emotions sometimes, they now find it 100% impossible to do so, which is why they don't really talk to me anymore, and the gangstalking has become 100% irrelevant to me as i do not pay attention to it. The second you give it any sort of importance is the second you're putting out negative vibes that they feed off of, or as i like to say "farm." why do i sometimes emulate thoughts that used to be effective to their cause? Simply because like i said on an earlier post, i use the voices as a cue for me to program myself the way i want to. I attract the voices and the second i hear them, i project the feelings i want to be embedded in me permanently (I used this technique to better my posture while i walk ^___^ ). It's a way to reverse their attacks but if you try this, you MUST be extremely careful not to fall for your own tricks, as the second your emotions become negative they WILL start feeding off of you and then you could fall deep in again. Whatever you think this situation is, i ask you to stop and try this simple trick for at least a week. If you are 100% positive for one week, JUST one week you will never go back to being negative AGAIN in your LIFE. If you do this you MUST stay consistent and be dedicated, this means never to fall for these emotions again, no matter what is happening. Even if a ninja is in front of you with a katana, ready to attack you! you must stay positive 100% Be at peace 100% and DO NOT allow anything negative to grow inside you. Do this my friend and these entities will have no other choice but to leave your life as they will realize that their fat cow has gone dry. God bless you all, and remember to thank the Lord Jesus Christ who gave me this technique that i will treasure for the rest of my entire life. I have truly been feeling amazing lately, and i know you will too! All glory be to God, our Father who is always watching us all. I hope to meet every single one of you and shake your hands in heaven one day. Stay strong, stay positive, and God bless you my friends.

*WARNING* The second you start to become positive, THEY WILL try to stop you, this could be anything, ok? Voices, gangstalking, street theatre, vandalism, anything to get you back to where you were, a good all negative state where they can have an all they can eat buffet at your expense. So the second you start to become positive, you must swear to yourself to never stop, no matter what happens in your life. You must stay positive. smile, feel the new peace that you will inevitably start to feel if you stay consistent, relax. Always positive, Always at Peace. This sounds tough, but you must stay firm. Remember that being positive can ONLY bring Positive results. Nothing bad ever comes from positivism, always remember that, and pray to God. He ALWAYS listens my friend :)

Update 07/24/14

I have been praying to The Lord Jesus Christ for me to receive the Holy Spirit, i am feeling an extreme amount of peace. Please, ask the Lord for the Holy Spirit (With Faith) Read the Bible, every follower of Christ is persecuted, even hundreds of years ago. Today's technology allows them to stalk us anywhere in the world. We must read the word of God. Keep ALL the commandments, including the one our Lord Jesus Christ gave us, "Love one another" (VERY important) this of course also includes our stalkers. We must pray not only for ourselves, but also for them. May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless us all :) 

My personal Blog! BIBLE EVIDENCE :) Scientific evidence for everything you've heard in The Bible, from The Tower of Babel, The Great Flood, Noah's Ark, etc. Enjoy :) and God Bless you!

The Lord Jesus Christ came to earth and died for our sins so that we can take the Free cup of life he's handed to us, which is extremely precious, it's all paid in full and all we must do is believe in Him and follow Him. May The Lord bless you all :D
 Jesus Christ is the only way to The Father. 

The USA was initially an All Christian country, and the beliefs of the people back when the USA was founded were that we had to be with Jesus Christ at all times to be safe, it is only when people depart from God that things start to go down hill, and things did, throughout time. If you research USA history, you will see everyone from the presidents to every single college (Harvard, Princeton, etc) was always praising The Lord Jesus Christ. That is no longer the case today...

The following movie is about all of the above. I give you this link in case you're interested. :) It has some very powerful quotes. Spread the truth! *Warning* This movie contains a lot of heavy content

(Another tip, unrelated) I have recently found through experience, through observation and memories, that wearing black clothes has very negative effects. I had been wearing black clothes for some time and had thought nothing of it, until i started realizing some behavioral changes that ocurred whenever i wore the color. I have noticed these changes on other people as well, there's something negative about it. I just wanted to share this with you as well :) I no longer wear anything black, not even socks xD Just another free tip i've found i wanted to share :D God bless you all friends :)


-Pray to The Lord Jesus Christ, first and foremost!
-Be aware that they could also be affecting family members thought and behavioral patterns so it looks like they're "in on it"
-Do NOT ever under any circumstance "Talk" to the voices, or try to communicate with them in any way. If you have been doing so, it is extremely crucial you stop as soon as possible.