Saturday, October 15, 2011

Advice for Remote Neural Monitoring Victims

***NEVER: Harm anyone, act crazy in public, or think about suicide. NEVER***

These are their three basic goals:
for you to harm someone so you get arrested
to act crazy or hopefully become crazy in order to get you institutionalized
for you to commit suicide (death).

One of the best advice i can give you would be document everything they do or say to you on a journal, you can divide this journal into a couple of different sections; suspicious activity, gangstalking attacks, Voice to Skull atacks (Insults, Dialogues, Scripts, etc) After a couple of weeks you should notice that even though their techniques might have changed a bit, the intent, purpose and theme is still quite the same (i think it has to do with the military belief that repetition is key, in this case to destroy your mind and then your life)  It is all very linear and once you start seeing the very basic foundations of their techniques you will be able to defend yourself mentally. If you can see the pattern you can find ways to defeat it, not every case of harrasment will be the same as they like to use a wide array of degrading themes on their targets, but the core is the same, to destroy your mind and re program it so that you live the way they want you to live; in complete misery and agonizing mental suffering.

***If you decide to write a blog to document everything and help other victims, be aware that the attacks on you might increase greatly as a result. Because of this, I initially suggested a journal which will help you and shouldn't have any effect on the intensity of the attacks (Keep in mind that any time you do something they don't find beneficial to their evil cause, they will attempt to deter you)***

IF you can, try to stay away from hospitals and mental institutions.. they use these facilities for mind programming and harrasment for their vicims.(I'm not a doctor and i'm not telling my readers not to go to the hospital if they need to, i would just avoid it if possible) I’ve experienced a lot of messed up things in the past 5 months; i went to the hospital and a mental institution (A lot of messed up things happened in those places) i’ve lost my apartment, my girlfriend, my car, i moved to different states and now i’m living in Colombia. They still have the same remote neural monitoring team assigned to me (Same voices, same tactics, same scripts, same dialogues, oh! and they speak English) even though i now reside in a different country which proves that it doesn't matter where you live.. they’re still attacking me daily. 5 months ago i didn’t know anything about gangstalking but i knew that i was being followed pretty much everywhere i went and harrased in subtle ways... it wasn't until later when the remote neural monitoring team started using voice to skull technology that i realized everything was connected. The harrasment gets worse with time but you just have to learn to tune it out. Selling your things and moving away isn’t always the best option, they actually want you to do that because then you’ll have less money and you’ll be even easier prey, take it from me, i’ve literally lost everything i worked so hard for. If the harrasment gets so bad to the point where you must move away, please don’t waste your money on material things, but instead save it and keep it with you if you can where ever you choose to go.  Remember that these people want to break everything that makes you human and for that they must strip you away from everything you know, they want to take you out of your comfort zone, make you go bankrupt, break your mind and eventually manipulate your every action. Another thing to remember is that you can’t even trust your own body anymore, you will have mixed feelings and sensations that are artificial but feel almost real, so while you’re being monitored  it's wise to be aware that not everything you feel is real; The best way i can describe this phenomenom is like the copy and paste option you see on  Microsoft Word, once you feel anything, whether it is fear, excitement, sorrow, happiness, they can copy it and re-create (Paste) it in you whenever they choose but they will first confuse you so that it seems real (They will make you feel contradicting emotions, happiness when you'd normally feel sadness for instance, this could be as simple as a smile or other expressions or movements)
Do not believe anything they say to you, no matter what it is. Try to tune them out and keep busy, they will twist anything you say or do in order to get into your brain so always remain neutral. I’ve also experienced very vivid nightmares in which they use the copy and paste emotion technique so remember that nothing is real and that it is all manufactured by them and their twisted minds so once you wake up the next day disregard everything you experienced the night before, or else they will use it to torture you throughout the day, remember that anything that gets to you they will use in order to torture you, so remain as neutral as possible no matter what kind of manipulation techniques they use on you. Stay strong and God Bless you all

Beware of: Saunas (They like using mind screwing substances in the vaporizers) and Water Fountains at gangstalking infected locations. Out of the ordinary scents coming from possible gangstalkers (they will have them carry the same mind bending substances in case you're not falling for the same old tricks) If the taste of something you eat "often" is unusual, do not eat it; it is best to be safe than sorry. I used to think it's ok to breathe, eat and drink their substances because he who owes nothing fears nothing. However, this isn't the right way to think in this situation, remember that their true goal isn't to find who you really are because they already know, their goal is to destroy you and they will use any evil tactic available including brainwashing substances. I pretty much let them use all sorts of different techniques on me and they managed to destroy my life in only 5 months. I was aware of what they were doing but i figured, "what the hell, i haven't done anything anyway" DO NOT let them experiment on you unless you're prepared to lose everything you know. If you don't do what they want you to do they will use reverse psychology to trick you into doing it, don't fall for it. Remember they will never reveal the true power of their technology and techniques; you can analyze the system but they will always act as if their technology is way below what it is. For instance, they will pretend like they're trying to figure something out when they already know based on the information gathered by the system.

Warnings: You must be ready to be scorched; neighbors, landlords, friends and even some family members will turn on you. These terrorists will spread lies about you to everybody who has contact with you in order to isolate you. The key here is not to care what people think of you. Once you become a target you must develop a very thick skin and become indiferent towards other people's attitude towards you. I will not lie to you, it will be very difficult to see how old acquantances no longer see you the same way and will be rude towards you but you must learn to overcome this. They will recruit anyone they can in order to make you uncomfortable and isolate you so remain strong and always know that you're not alone. Remember to stay positive and remain calm at all times, serenity is key here.

Try not to engage in conversation with the Remote Neural Monitoring operators. They're pathological liars and know a whole lot about brainwashing, so it's best to avoid converstation with them until you've built a strong enough mental defense.

If you've managed to build enough mental firewalls to combat their psychological attacks and they're trying to distract you using voice to skull or trying to manipulate you verbally, try singing in your head, or if you're alone sing out loud. You could also try listening to a portable music player and sing (Remember they record subliminal messages in your music, use caution)

It's best to ignore all their comments, don't let them get emotion from you as that's one of their goals. The purpose of their torture is also to get false confessions, it is said that torture does the opposite from getting the truth from the victim as it traumatizes him/her. So it's best to ignore everything they say. Also, if they're accusing you of anything, don't worry, if you've ever done something they have the technology to prove it, so don't believe their accusations.

No matter what they put you through don’t ever lose hope, if you believe in God stay faithful and never give up, i can assure you that you will get stronger with time, you just have to keep your head up and don’t let them get to you. Remember that nothing lasts forever, also try to work up the courage to analize everything they do and write about it on the internet to help other victims who are going through this (Use Caution)

***Remember that by knowing the enemy and their attacks we are blessed. Think of all the victims who have no idea what Remote Neural Monitoring or Gangstalking is. They're easy prey because they don't know what's going on and they might even be led to believe that they're Delusional Paranoid Schizophrenics ***

Together we stand, divided we fall.

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