Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Idea for those thinking of moving to stop the harrasment

After everything i've been through in the past couple of months i decided to move back to my Country of origin, the first week was fine, no gangstalking, only voice to skull communication (in English, my country's native tongue is Spanish) then the second week gangstalkers started showing up at my local gym and something i found very funny is the fact that they all speak english.. now how many people do you think are bilingual in a low income neighborhood in Bogota? mind you, Colombia is categorized as a third world country. I went to the grocery store today and i noticed a gangstalker talking on the cellphone (all in Spanish) so i thought maybe she wasn't a gangstalker even though i've developed a keen eye for spotting them.. and then she slipped an "Okay" on the phone. NO ONE in Colombia says Okay unless they've lived in the US so i knew right there that i was right. But to the point. I beleive that they're simply playing an illusion of gangstalking power and that they don't have organized gangstalking in Colombia the same way they have in the US (Otherwise the gangstalkers would only speak spanish and the voice to skull communication would probably also be in spanish) I must also add the fact that i can go to random places and not be gangstalked (Back when i lived in the US gangstalkers literally followed me everywhere. Their network is incredibly massive in the US, and gangstalkers can even be activated with just a phone call since they seem to have them pretty much in every neighborhood and every major business. If you're seriously thinking about moving avoid places like Europe or Asia; Their technology is very strong in these continents, and their evil hands will reach you there to their full extent. so if you're completely desperate and as a last resort, try moving to a country that is considered underdeveloped. I suggest a country in South America; Spanish is the main language in South America so it would be harder for them to keep a gangstalking harrassment on you if they have to keep hiring English speaking gangstalkers, and if they choose to hire Spanish speaking gangstalkers, well, you wouldn't understand a thing they say anyway (The other day they had an all American type of guy who looked like one of their agents walk by me while staring at me just outside my apartment complex. Americans don't live in these type of neighborhoods ***Another display, What's the point in doing this?***)  They have been proving to me daily that there are some countries where they don't have the same amount of gangstalking power. They're going to great lengths in order to display an "organized gangstalking network" and in doing so they're showing me that it is just an illusion. This does not mean that they can't hire gangstalkers to harass you in underdeveloped countries because they have the power to, it only means that it's slightly more difficult to keep it up than in other countries (The intensity of the harrassment is greatly reduced as well) They're making our lives difficult so why make their jobs easy? This is just food for thought.

(Update 3/14/12)

The above is a good idea if it can be afforded comfortably, however, a couple of weeks after writing this particular topic, gang stalking increased significantly for me and it became more aggressive than back in the States, so it appears that they have a world wide network set up, this is something to consider before moving, especially if you're tight on cash.

(Update 7/24/14)

Gangstalkers have a technology developed to understand any language spoken, and they can also switch physical appearance, including height. So it's easy to follow anyone and gangstalk them anywhere in the world, in any language. I've been through this stuff for about 4 years now and have noticed quite a lot.

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