Wednesday, October 16, 2013

God is the only way

Hello my friends, i haven't posted anything in a long time so i'm here to update you on my situation which is pretty much done for me (even though it is still going on) What i mean by this is that i have developed some techniques to use the gang-stalking and voice to skull to my advantage for my everyday life. All of this would have never been possible without my Lord Jesus Christ so all thanks and glory to Him. First of all i would like to say that ever since i decided to truly increase my faith in Christ (And this means no fears whatsoever, because God KNOWS everything about us) the attacks have decreased greatly for me, even though the intensity is still pretty much the same (Controlled dreams have been intense, but they don't bother me AT ALL) My psychological torture was extremely intense and out of all the information that i gathered nothing can compare with the Power of Christ in my life (I was even physically tortured at a hospital back when this all started, by the staff, which is insane. They used objects to penetrate my anus and peehole while i was on their hospital bed with my eyes closed, throughout the experience i did not open my eyes as i felt at the time i was simply being "tested" maybe to see how tough i was, my mind was already a mess back then) I did not sue back then because i was all alone with no one to count on in that state, but i am now back up on my feet thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ. This is just a little background information, now on to the techniques i have been using.

1) Gangstalking: This is one of my favorites as i became very aware of their presence; everytime i notice gangstalking activities i bring my shoulders back. Since i'm constantly surrounded by gangstalkers i have managed to modify the way i walk by constantly having my shoulders back, and this brings self confidence up through the roof and fixes your posture. It is indeed great when the gangstalkers don't affect you but pretty much work FOR YOU. :)

2) Voice 2 Skull: This one, believe it or not, took me over 2 years to finally get down to the T. This one requires prayer and lots of it depending on the intensity of the voices. I say this because i was in a COMPLETE haze with these voices, my life revolved around the pain of hearing the things that were being beamed to my head. So here goes, EVERY time you hear voices in your head, EVERY time, you focus on something else, sounds easy, what i mean exactly is this, for instance, let's say you're watching TV and out of nowhere an intrusive thought gets in your head or you feel uncomfortable and BAM you hear a voice (Voices only occur when it is believed that you would feel uncomfortable with something, so keep this in mind, as their agenda is nothing more than to produce negative feelings in you, whether it is fear, anger, anguish, sadness, etc. Always in the negatives, remember this and stay positive always!) so what you do is focus and enjoy the show even more, you must always go towards the positive EVERY time you hear a voice, IGNORE the voice EVERY time and STAY in the positive. The key word here is FOCUS, the voices are meant to keep you hypnotized and to pay attention to them, NOTHING MORE, so DO NOT pay attention to them and DO NOT do anything in response to the voices, it is best to pretend they're not even there and they will stop to matter. Now, i don't know what is being said to your head, they've only tried a command on me Twice (And my solution was simply NOT to follow them, one time i was told to get up from my bed and jump from the second floor to kill myself) so if you're hearing commands that's an area i am not too familiar with, i'm only familiar with things like (Wait a second, Sick fuck, This guy is gay, Did you see that? He has psychic powers, You're going to die a slow motherfucking death, etc) Random voices, not commands. Always pray and stay with the Lord because the people being targeted are exceptionally GOOD HEARTED, which makes me believe that Christians and Believers of God are the main target. And ever since i gave myself fully to Christ, this has ceased for me, the attacks seem to be highly demonic in nature and chances are we're dealing with satan worshipers here, not all, but definitely some.

3) And this isn't a technique, but it's something that became crucial for me. I started keeping the Sabbath (Saturday) from friday 6:00pm to Saturday 6:00pm. This HAS BEEN one of the greatest things for me, i had never felt such peace until i started keeping the Sabbath, it truly is a blessed day from God, if you are a Christian i suggest you take the Sabbaths, REST fully this day, pray, read the Bible. It snapped me out of the Haze i was in and made me see things in a clearer light, so it truly is a blessed day like the Bible says and I will keep it forever.

I'll be praying for all of you who are going through this, ALWAYS know that you are NOT alone, and everything that is happening to you is being watched not only by the perpetrators, but also by GOD Himself, and one day He will reward you for keeping your essence (the goodness of your heart) throughout these very difficult times. I also pray for the perpetrators for they don't know that they will also get a reward for their evil deeds at the end of the road. It is important to remember that they also are victims of this game, maybe in a bigger scale since they are directly being controlled by the evil powers that be. Our job is to not let them do the same to us, I do this by sticking to my Lord Jesus Christ in EVERYTHING i do. God bless you all and stay strong

(PS: Sorry if i haven't replied to the comments on time, i will try to keep up with them a little bit better :) )


Anonymous said...

Hey how are you bro, God bless you. I came across your webpage by researching Rik Clay for the first time. I was watching Rachael Orban´s Youtube channel OnGangStalking & this is where I eneded up.I have been a victim of gang stalking since my high school years, . Its been 25 years now. I was wondering if you had a Facebook? I am also a Christian and a strong end times believer. Hopefully we can meet & talk, well, I live in Spain Barcelona. God bless you.

A fellow Victim said...

Hello Ralph! Thank you, i do have a facebook, but i find it more helpful if we communicate through this blog for everybody to read and benefit from our experiences, as they all vary but still remain very similar. I'm about to write another entry to the blog which you might find helpful, i believe i have finally found one major trick to defeating our situation, it came to me at random so i'm sure it's from the Holy Spirit of God. God bless you my friend