Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some Extremely Helpful Tips

Hello my friends, i hope you're doing ok and staying strong. The following tips will help you immensely:

Breathing deeply whenever they talk to you, it's relaxing and if you do it enough times this will become second habit, there's nothing more satisfying than being able to relax everytime they want to bug you xD Try making this a habit. ***This might be a little difficult at first, they might become more aggressive in an attempt to stop you, but keep breathing deeply, the more they say the deeper the breaths... remember to exhale!***

Abstaining from masturbation, try not to have sexual thoughts to aid you in this quest. I know it sounds really hard, but the benefits are incredible, not only will you have more energy but your mental focus increases greatly.

Try not to listen to mainstream music, again this is very hard if you're like me and have been listening to Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Rap for years, but it is not impossible and it is like detoxing your brain. Listening to mainstream music affects your neurological system like nothing else, there are many beats per second and this traumatizes you without realizing it every time you hear it. Not to mention that mainstream music is infested with subliminal messages that affect the way you process thoughts and see life in general. When you're affected by the music in a negative way, you are practically a delicious snack to the perpetrators (specially V2K)
If you don't feel relaxed after listening to a certain song, chances are it is affecting you negatively.
***I still listen to some songs but they're slow paced and I'm usually in the same emotional state i was before listening to them, if not more relaxed. Remember, try to keep the beats per second as slow as possible***

If you are religious, increase your faith in Jesus Christ. Without Him i would be dead, literally. We are in a spiritual warfare unlike anything humanity has faced yet, and it is only going to get worse as time goes by and we approach a New World Order. Once it is achieved all hell will break loose and the things that will happen will make our situation feel like Disney Land.


Take a multi-vitamin like Centrum, also Omega 3, Calcium, Vitamin C help. If you are suffering from depression due to these attacks, Saint John's Wort is a good alternative to anti-depressants, it is all natural and it does not need prescription, it is just a plant.

I can't stress how important these tips are, i believe that out of all the tips I've written on this site, these are the ones that will make the greatest difference in your life. These basically detox your mind, body and eventually your soul. Stay strong and God bless.


Anonymous said...

Tell me what these operators are saying to you, because I have found in my research that all TI's seem to be hearing the same things in regards to the tactics being used. As I understand the goal is to make to TI lose all self-confidence, self-esteem, dignity, integrity and sometimes the operators will act as if they are vigilantes doing a benevolent service by condemning the TI for something that they have done in their life. Another goal is to cause the TI to either become imprisoned, locked in a mental institution, or dead in a grave from suicide. I am comparing the different stories that I am hearing and I would like to know are these same tactics being used on you.

Anonymous said...

Well, believe it or not a common word for me to hear is very similar to the first one that you put in quotations, but a different variation of the phrase. Rather than "stick fuck" I hear "shit fuck". Not only that, but the operators will also add many different negative adjectives to it, such as, "stupid shit fuck", "stupid piece of shit" and so forth. I have also been called many different homosexual terms, such as "fagot" and so on, although I am completely heterosexual and I do not resemble a homosexual in any way. Another common way that the operators would try to get me to see myself as less than a human is by calling me a dog. What these operators will do is use metaphors to try to make it seem as if they are justified in saying such words. It is also very odd that you now hear words in English and Spanish, because I have moved several times and it seems as if the words and phrases will somewhat change as I move. The more populated an area is the more often I am aggravated by what is said and the less populated an area is the less often I am aggravated by what is said, but nonetheless they will aggravate me on a daily basis. The operators are also always trying to get me to engage in acts of violence and so forth. I have also read that the operators will use the same tactics over and over, which is drawn from the military belief in "repetition". One last tactic that I have caught on to and read about is that the operators will use a certain tactic to produce a certain reaction, but when you do not react as they want you to, then they will try to say that it was just a test. This is to prevent the TI from realizing that they have gotten mentally stronger, because once the TI realizes that they have gotten mentally stronger, the TI will then gain more confidence in self which is not good for the operators. These operators would much rather have the TI believe that they have not and cannot accomplish anything on their own. This is completely false. I also see that the "psychic powers" phrase is not unique in that 5 years ago this was the first thing that I heard clearly from them to begin manipulating my mind, but I know better than that.

Anonymous said...

Well, what you said about them becoming completely powerless once you are no longer bothered by their attacks is a true statement. The only problem is that they too know this, so while they continue to use the same tactics they will also continue to adjust what they are saying to match your emotions. For example, once you are no longer bothered by the names that they call you they will either say them in a different manner or they will use different words/phrases until they find one that bothers you the most. The names that I am called by them is dependent upon whether I am bothered by it or not. Once they notice that they have said a word that bothers me, possibly by taking a look at my heart rate and/or blood pressure, then they will save that word in a list and continue to use it until it no longer bothers me. The main goal as I have previously stated is to cause a TI to loss all self-confidence, self-esteem, dignity, integrity and to make your destination a jail, hospital, or grave. They also seek to deplete your self-image by playing aggravating/annoying/bothersome skits in your head continuously until the image that you have of yourself is identical to that of you in their skit. Which is completely false. There are some individuals who have killed themselves due to electronic harassment, but as I have stated above the main thing is to not not let them aggravate/bother you. So the question may be asked how exactly does one get to the point, when these vile words/phrases are no longer bothersome and is it possible to get to that point? I know it is possible, but I also know that it takes patience. I have had some days when their verbal attacks do not bother me at all, but as I have stated previously they will continue to harass you until they find something that bothers you and they will continue to use it until it is of no longer aggravates you. So the main thing is to not let them aggravate/bother you by using your own techniques. There is an internal battle taking place in the mind between a TI and their antagonizers and as in a war you too must be equiped with your own tactics. An individual can eliminate the problem by using techniques such as the breathing one you listed above and/or seek to disturb or to remove the device. I have read an article about a TI who had the Remote Neural Monitoring device removed, but it can be almost impossible to detect. Thus concluding, if an individual is to obtain freedom from this form of electronic harassment they should not let the constant verbal attacks bother them by using their own techniques, because every individual is different. Continue to post different techniques that will prevent them from aggravating/bothering you and also different methods to disable, to disturb or to remove the device that you have come across and have found to work.

Anonymous said...

You have made a very good point and I completely agree. Stay strong and keep God first.

Anonymous said...

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Neptune said...

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A fellow Victim said...

Hello, I will keep updating information in the future as i go. I hope everybody is doing well, and staying healthy, feel free to talk here on the blog for our benefit and the benefit of other victims who are reading. God bless you all and keep fighting the good fight :)

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone seen terminator? I don't think anyone is in charge anymore. Our fear is feeding the machines and if we're not careful it will lead us into isolation. Hearing bits and pieces of these conversations and familiar voices may all just be a calculated persuassion for us to continually withdraw from society and our communities because we are afraid of being "crazy" and talking openly about any of this because technology has advanced so quickly our heads are still spinning and I've already wasted far to much of my time obsessing over this and researching helpless victims when it is out of my control.