Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm still alive :D

I've been absent from updating this blog for a couple of months now, I've experienced this Black Ops mind programming in a pretty severe intensity during these past months, which kept me from updating it. One thing I've realized is that we (TI's as well as RNM Ops) are part of a much bigger game than we can possibly begin to comprehend.
Ever since i was a kid, I've been interested in "conspiracy theories" (Think about this.. if you were not a victim of Remote Neural Monitoring and its mind programming, would you consider it a conspiracy theory? just because you can't see or understand the reasons behind certain things does not invalidate their existence) and I've absorbed quite a bit of information, I'm also a firm believer of Jesus Christ, and i truly believe these are the end of times and the system that is being used against us will be used on a massive scale to hypnotize humanity and control them mentally during a Hoax that will be perpetrated against humanity in the next couple of months. We are nothing more than an experiment designed to gather statistics on the human brain as well as developing more advanced methods of control and behavior modification as decision making (Which can be crucial during a "state of chaos")
A couple of years ago a man named Rik Clay, uncovered some very interesting information regarding this topic, unfortunately he was silenced not long after an interview.  His blog was taken down around the time of his death, but his friends managed to save it and posted it on the internet, the link is now broken but i managed to find a copy of the blog.. I've posted it and i want you to read this information as i think it might open your eyes (This information isn't related to Remote Neural Monitoring but yet it is) If you would like to skip this information, the Remote Neural Monitoring topics are located on the 2011 section.

I will NOT take this blog down so if it ever disappears, it is not because i deleted it, here is the link:

Here are other important topics of extreme importance for understanding what is happening in the world and what is directly affecting us:


*New World Order

*Chem trails

*Blue Beam Project

*Secret Societies like The Freemasons (Pope Benedict is a 33 Degree Mason which is the highest rank)

*Fluoride in the water

*Drugs in Food

*How we are directly manipulated with our diets

*UFO deceptions and Extraterrestrial technology developed by the US Government (RNM anyone? Although we're told that Nicola Tesla was one of the pioneers behind this technology that is being used against us, it has advanced immensely, i believe  to the point of virtual reality. It's as if we were a 100% realistic video game to the RNM operators)

*Death towers (Not only do they serve as an aid for the experiment we're in, but there are some that can send waves straight into our brains that can manipulate our emotional states)

*Subliminal Messages On TV

*The Music Industry

*Subconscious Programming through the media

*Terrorist Attacks like 9/11 (During times of war people are usually in a state of fear, the powers that be are very well aware that when a person is in fear they can pretty much accept anything that will take this "fear" away, so they will accept anything they're told as truth and will comply with pretty much anything as long as it takes fear away. Keep in mind that the powers that be also have the power to control your emotional states and decision making abilities (Death Towers, RNM, Media Conditioning, etc., making you extremely vulnerable to total control during a time like this) Why is this important? If humanity was to face say a Third World War, we'd be in fear. This fear can be incremented using different wavelengths sent using Death Towers.. we're then ready for a solution and we're very controllable.. what if we're suddenly told that we all have to unite under a One World Government in order to survive.. wouldn't you say, "yes, as long as it means we're safe"? maybe after investigating mind control and the New World Order agenda you might say no, because you're well informed.. but what about the millions of people out there who have never even heard of any shadow government? They have believed everything they've heard from the media their entire lives so they would be easily deceived. Keep in mind that this New World Order has been elaborated for hundreds of years.

*Deaths of anyone who speaks about a Shadow Government or One World Order, (JFK, Rik Clay, John Lennon, Michael Jackson to name a few)

*Whitney Houston's Death and The Grammy Awards Ceremony

*The use of Religions to keep us confused and under control for the New World Order

Things get better with time, just have faith and know that one day you will be rewarded for all the struggles that you face graciously. I've almost experienced a year of this RNM programming and it's been quite something.. stay strong, pray, have faith, things WILL get better.
God Bless and spread the knowledge!

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